Module 4
Learning Objective  Expressions and Equations

Math Terminology for Module 4

► View new or recently introduced terms

► View terms and symbols students have used or seen previously


 Tips for Parents (Eureka Math 6-8 Writing Team)


A.  Relationships of the Operations    

The Relationships of Addition
and Subtraction

      Lesson 1  |  Lesson Instruction 1-2


The Relationship of Multiplication
and Division

      Lesson 2  |  Additional Lesson 2

The Relationship of Multiplication
and Addition

      Lesson 3  |  Lesson Instruction


The Relationships of Division
and Subtraction

      Lesson 4  |  Lesson Instruction




B.  Special Notations of Operations     


      Lesson 5  |  Lesson Instruction


The Order of Operations

      Lesson 6  |  Lesson Instruction



C.  Replacing Letters and Numbers     

Replacing Letters with Numbers

      Lesson 7  |  Lesson Instruction


Replacing Numbers with Letters

      Lesson 8  |  Lesson Instruction



D.  Expanding, Factoring, and Distributing Expressions   

Writing Addition and Subtraction

      Lesson 9  |  Lesson Instruction


Writing and Expanding Multiplication

      Lesson 10  |  Lesson Instruction


Factoring Expressions

    Lesson 11  |  Lesson Instruction


Distributing Expressions

      Lesson 12  |  Lesson Instruction


Writing Division Expressions

    Lesson 13  |  Lesson Instruction
 Lesson 14  |  Lesson Instruction


E.  Expressing Operations in Algebraic Form    

Read Expressions in Which Letters
Stand for Numbers

      Lesson 15  |  Lesson Instruction


Write Expressions in Which Letters
Stand for Numbers

    Lesson 16  |  Lesson Instruction
 Lesson 17  |  Lesson Instruction


F.  Writing and Evaluating Expressions and Formulas     

Writing and Evaluating Expressions—
Addition and Subtraction

      Lesson 18  |  Lesson Instruction


Substituting to Evaluate Addition
and Subtraction Expressions

      Lesson 19  |  Lesson Instruction


Writing and Evaluating Expressions—
Multiplication and Division

      Lesson 20  |  Lesson Instruction


Writing and Evaluating Expressions—
Multiplication and Addition

      Lesson 21  |  Lesson Instruction


Writing and Evaluating Expressions—

      Lesson 22  |  Lesson Instruction


G.  Solving Equations     

True and False Number Sentences

    Lesson 23  |  Lesson Instruction
 Lesson 24  |  Lesson Instruction


Finding Solutions to Make Equations

      Lesson 25  |  Lesson Instruction


One-Step Equations—Addition and

      Lesson 26  |  Lesson Instruction


One-Step Equations—Multiplication
and Division

      Lesson 27  |  Lesson Instruction


Two-Step Problems—All Operations

      Lesson 28  |  Lesson Instruction


Multi-Step Problems—All Operations

      Lesson 29  |  Lesson Instruction


H.  Applications of Equations    

One-Step Problems in the Real-World

      Lesson 30  |  Lesson Instruction


Problems in Mathematical Terms

      Lesson 31  |  Lesson Instruction


Multi-Step Problems in the Real-World

      Lesson 32  |  Lesson Instruction


From Equations to Inequalities

      Lesson 33  |  Lesson Instruction

      Additional Resources

Writing and Graphing Inequalities
in Real-World Problems

      Lesson 34  |  Lesson Instruction