Algebra 1 IXL

1st Nine Weeks IXL Algebra

August 25th
H.5Unit rates
H.8Do the ratios form a proportion?
September 1st
H.9Do the ratios form a proportion: word problems
H.10Solve proportions
September 8th
I.4Find the constant of proportionality from a graph
I.7Graph proportional relationships
September 15th
W.1Which x satisfies an equation?
W.2Write an equation from words
September 22nd
W.5Properties of equality
W.6Solve one-step equations
September 29th
W.7Solve two-step equations
Due  Friday Oct 6th
J.1Convert between percents, fractions, and decimals
J.2Compare percents to fractions and decimals
Due  Friday October 13th
J.3Find what percent one number is of another
J.6Percents of numbers and money amounts

Second Nine Weeks

Due Friday Oct 20th
H.1 Properties of addition and multiplication
H.2 Distributive property

Due Friday Oct 27th
H.3 Simplify variable expressions using properties
H.4 Properties of equality

Due Friday Nov 3rd
I.1 Write variable expressions
I.2 Simplify variable expressions involving like terms and the distributive property
Due Friday Nov 10th
 I.3 Identify equivalent linear expressions
I.4 Write variable equations
Due Friday Nov 17th
I.5 Does x satisfy the equation?
I.6 Which x satisfies an equation?
Due Friday Nov 24th
 I.7 Solve equations using order of operations
I.8 Rearrange multi-variable equations
Due Friday Dec 1st
J.3 Solve one-step linear equations
J.4 Solve two-step linear equations
Due Friday Dec 8th
J.5 Solve advanced linear equations
J.6 Solve equations with variables on both sides

Due Friday Dec15th 
 J.7 Solve equations: complete the solution
J.8 Find the number of solutions

Due Friday Dec 22nd
J.9 Create equations with no solutions or infinitely many solutions
 J.10 Solve linear equations: word problems
Reminder these are due each week for a grade. These types of problems will be on the test for the end assessment.

Third Nine Weeks


Due Friday Jan 12th
 J.11 Solve linear equations: mixed review
K.1 Graph inequalities
Due FridayJan 19th
 K.3 Identify solutions to inequalities
 K.4 Solve one-step linear inequalities: addition and subtraction
Due Friday Jan 26th
 K.5 Solve one-step linear inequalities: multiplication and division
 K.7 Graph solutions to one-step linear inequalities
Due Friday Feb 2nd
K.8 Solve two-step linear inequalities
K.9 Graph solutions to two-step linear inequalities
Due Friday Feb 9th
 K.10 Solve advanced linear inequalities
 K.11 Graph solutions to advanced linear inequalities
Due Friday Feb 16th
 K.12 Graph compound inequalities
K.13 Write compound inequalities from graphs
Due Friday Feb 23rd
 K.14 Solve compound inequalities
K.15 Graph solutions to compound inequalities
Fourth  Nine Weeks
Due Friday Mar 16th 
Due Friday Mar 23rd
S.3 Find the slope from two points
 S.4 Find a missing coordinate using slope

Due Friday April 6th
S.5 Slope-intercept form: find the slope and y-intercept
S.6 Slope-intercept form: graph an equation

Due Friday April 13th
S.7 Slope-intercept form: write an equation from a graph
 S.8 Slope-intercept form: write an equation
Due Friday April 20th
S.9 Slope-intercept form: write an equation from a table
S.10 Slope-intercept form: write an equation from a word problem

Due Friday April 27th
S.11 Linear equations: solve for y
 S.12 Write linear functions to solve word problems